With technology evolving quickly and the internet getting faster and faster, there's no better time to join the cloud!


It's becoming increasingly important for companies to manage their data in offsite locations so should the worst happen, your data is safe and sound, securely floating in the cloud. At ForData we provide an affordable, reliable, and most importantly, secure cloud backup service for all of your data.


When your data is stored or being transferred to the cloud, it's encrypted, meaning it is secure and only you can see your files. The best part is it's really easy to use!


If you're looking to collaborate with a number of staff and you require fast data synchronisation, then we also provide a cloud based file service where data is sent, received and stored on all of your devices.


Unlike email services provided by organisations such as Google, Dropbox and Microsoft, our cloud solution is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.


If you'd like to hear more about ForData's cloud backup, please send a message.

Cloud solutions to keep your data safe