How's your computer feeling?


Computers are great until they break, then, when they do, you have to wait for your IT people to come and fix them. This means time and money wasted for you. This is where our unique IT healthchecks come in, to put a stop to such problems.


What our customers value greatly from our support is our healthcheck service. With ForData healthchecks, devices ranging from your computers, servers, and routers are actively monitored for errors so our engineers can react to it, before it becomes a catastrophe. It's better to be preemptive than reactive.


This isn't just automated system monitoring. Every error event that occurs on one of your systems is managed by our friendly engineers, so nothing slips through the net. If your computer is about to go bang, we can intervene and stop it happening.


Healthchecks are carried out on various occasions throughout the year for customers on our support plans. If you'd like to know more about our healthchecks then please drop us a line on 0800 098 8145. We'd love to hear from you.




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